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Greetings one and all. This site will be a place for me to express my expanding views on paganism and atheism, as well as Norse lore. As way of explanation, I must say something. Just because I say paganism or atheism means in no way, shape or form that I do not consider myself a spiritual person. I worship the Earth and all living things. I do not feel that it matters whether you worship God or Mother Nature. What matters is that you recognize the miracle of creation, life and death. It matters only that you know that life is beautiful and glorious. If you wish to get your message from a book so be it. I choose to get my message from all that is around me in the world.

In Norse Mythology, Vanaheim was the home of the Vanir. The Vanir were the various fertility gods and goddesses. This branch of gods is older than the Aesir and it is unclear how they relate. Some of the most prominent members of the Vanir were Freya (Freyja or Frea) and her twin brother Freyr (Frey). She lived with her father and brother in Asgard after the war as a symbol of peace between the two branches. Freya, along with Odin, took an interest in the heroic dead and brought some to live with her in Sessrumnir, her hall in Asgard. Freya was married or a man/god named Odur or Od. It is possible that her husband was Odin, but it is merely speculation.

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