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Welcome to the homepage for A Casting of Runes. This ring will be dedicated to sites about runes... their history, myths, and other information. It is very simple to join this ring; I am not really that picky.


--A web site or page having something to do with runes
--No pornography: this ring will be accessed by all types of people. If you want a ring on which to display your pornography, search Ringworld.
--The ring graphic and html coding MUST appear on the URL you submit. If you plan to post the html on your webring page, then give me THAT URL... I want to see the graphic on the first page I come to. Otherwise I will not add you to the ring.
--You will need to save the graphics to your hard drive and send them to your OWN site! If I discover anyone has linked directly to the graphics on this site, you will be taken off the ring. I am deadly serious here....

Thats it! If you think your site meets my requirements then fill out the form below.

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