by: Freya

I live in New Orleans. In December, on a trip to the French Quarter, I found a book of interest. It was about runes. I have always been interested in the mystical so I bought it. I must say that I am hooked. Already, I have felt the influence of the runes in my life. I am preparing to make my own set, complete with tossing cloth and bag.

Above is my bindrune. There are approximately 6 runes in it. The main one for me is Thorn and Wynn. I have found so much joy and happiness in the last few months, that at times I can't express it. Wynn expresses my joy and Thorn protects it.

Here are two more pictures. The first is a rune alphabet I made with paintbrush.I am hoping to create some of my own "rustic" rune graphics to use on this page.The second is a colorized version of my bindrune. I used the four main colors: red, green,yellow, and blue. What do you think?

Hope you to hear from you soon.
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